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System overview BV Pulsera

The BV Pulsera is a powerful mobile fluoroscopy system for the most challenging surgical-and interventional procedures. The powerful pulsed technology allows you to go the distance in longer studies, capture moving antomy and see through your largest patient

SmartVision, a highly advanced, full digital 1 Kx1K imaging chain in combination with unique state-of- the-art image processing algorithms (including BodySmart and Automatic Shutter Positioning) provides you with high quality images at the lowest possible dose.

The ultra compact Mobile View Station perfectly fits in the surgical workflow. The unique intelligent viewing concept of the Mobile View Station provides the user with easy transportation, easy and intuitive system set-up and optimal viewing capabilities.


The interventional powerhouse comes with a 9"or12"image intensifier, and can handle the most advanced interventions  as well as all routine and special procedures:

  • Cardiovascular procedures )peripheral/abdominal/cerebral, interventions)
  • Orthopedic surgery (fractures, fixation)
  • Abdominal surgery (cholangiography, urological exams(
  • Neurosurgical procedures (pain management, vertebroplasty(
  • Thoracic surgery

Whatever your situation, the BV Pulsera shows everything you need to see during surgical- and interventional procedures.


Advanced functionality

Everything you want to do

The BV Pulsera consists of a mobile C-arm stand and a Mobile View Station. It offers a choice of X- ray and imaging functionality, as well as a variety of options and accessories. The functionality of the complete system is described in the following pages and the text that is important for you depends on the system configuration chosen.


Mobile C-arm  stand

  • Ultra compact foot including pushbar and handles for easy maneuverability and positioning of the stand.

  • Compact, counterbalanced C-arm provides all required projections.

  • Extended rotation: C-arm rotates a full 135º

  • C-arm has a very low lateral position.

  • Rear wheel steering concept for easy maneuverability and positioning of the stand

  • Dedicated parallel movement with ergonomically designed handgrips for easy positioning alongside operating table.

  • Source to Image Distance (SID) is 100 cm.

  • Streamlined user interface for easy control during procedures.

  • Cable deflectors brush aside any floor cables.

  • System includes footswitch, handswitch, radiation indicator.

  • Remote control

  • Laser alignment tool

  • Ergonomically designed C-arc handles guarantee easy C-arc positioning.


X-ray generation

  • Rotating anode X-ray tube with excellent cooling rate for the most demanding interventional procedures.

  • Pulsed Acquisition Mode

  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy Mode

  • Because of the integrated pre-filter, the compact converter X-ray generator ensures a homogeneous X-ray spectrum with the lowest possible skin radiation.

  • BodySmart will find the region of interest, define the optimal measuring field and follow the region of interest, ensuring optimal kV/mA settings and resulting in the best possible image quality.

  • Anatomically Programmed Fluoroscopy (APF) sets fluoroscopy parameters automatically, providing consistent image quality for every examination type.

  • Automatic High Penetration for optimal image quality in heavy objects even in the steepest projections e.g., lateral hip.


X-ray collimation

  • Full lead shutters can be rotated and moved together or independently to provide real protection against direct radiation and thus reduce scatter radiation.

  • An additional beam filter (of 0.1 mm Cu) reduces patient and clinical staff skin dose by 40% over conventional filters.

  • Shutters and Iris can be set on Last Image Hold.

  • The Iris collimator limits the X-ray beam to the actual field of the image intensifier

  • Automatic Shutter Positioning for functionality that will position the shutters according to the region of interest with one touch of a button


Imaging  System

  • Choice of two triple-mode, image intensifier configurations:

- 23/17/14  cm (9/7/5").

- 31/23/17  cm (12/9/7").

  • Compact CCD/TV camera
  • Image rotation digital, live and on Last Image Hold
  • Carbon fiber X-ray grid.
  • Digital rotation and mirroring up/down and left/right
  • 1 K2 imaging throughout whole imaging chain


X-ray modes

  • Low Dose Fluoroscopy with Last Image Hold.

  • High Definition Fluoroscopy with Last Image Hold.

  • Real pulsed fluoroscopy (12.5 pulses/second) providing low dose motion blur-free fluoroscopic images.

  • Half- and quarter dose pulsed fluoro modes reduce dose up to 75%.

  • SharpShot digital exposure mode for diagnostic quality images and archiving purposes ld.

  • Radiographic mode for cassette exposures.

  • Image grab


Image  processing

SmartVision, a highly advanced, full digital 1Kx1K imaging chain in combination with unique state-of- the art image processing functions ( like BodySmart, Automatic Shutter Positioning, advanced noise reduction algorithms) includes:

  • Dedicated 12-bit image pipeline processor.

  • Adaptive temporal recursive filtering for noise integration

  • Vignette correction

  • Dynamic movement detection to reduce motion blurring.

  • Real-time 2D edge enhancement, contrast, and brightness control

  • Automatic contrast and brightness on the Mobile View Station

  • Annotation.

  • Video invert.


Extended image  post-processing

  • Zoom and roam: 200% real-time magnification on any section of an image.
  • Measurement function for precisely quantifying lengths and angles in an image.
  • Electronic shutters to block out over-exposed image areas.

Image post-processing functionality availability on the left monitor of the MVS . This functionality provides easy access to the different menus, performing patient administation or post- processing on acquired images, with a tip of your finger.


Vascular  imaging  functionality

  • Subtracted fluoroscopy mode displays images in subtracted mode.

  • Trace-subtract shows maximum opacification of vasculature using CO2 or iodine contrast.

  • ViewTrace creating a trace image, post processed

  • Roadmap images support catheter guidance.

  • SmartMask reduces dose and contrast medium usage by re-using previously acquired mask images for roadmapping

  • Remask lets you reselect the best image in your run as a mask image for contrast runs.

  • Landmarking highlights background anatomy for reference.

  • Real-time pixel shift compensates for movement artifacts.

  • Subtraction on/off simplifies the orientation for subtracted images or during roadmap procedures. (Remote control, MVS)


Vascular  image

The Vascular Package, which includes subtraction, can easily be combined with Extended Processing functions such as Zoom and Measure.


Mobile View Station with unique intelligent viewing  concept

The ultra compact Mobile View Station perfectly fits in the surgical workflow. The unique intelligent viewing concept of the Mobile View Station provides you with easy transportation, easy system set-up, flexible monitor positions and extended viewing capabilities. When the Mobile View Station is in the OR, patient demographics  can easily be entered manually or retrieved via the hospital network. After entering these data, the monitors can be rotated and the clean side of the MVS can be positioned as close as possible to the operating table and operating staff. Depending on the way you work – standing or

seated- excellent viewing is guaranteed by the height adjustment possibilities of the monitors. After the procedure is finished, you simply turn the monitors

180 degrees and you can post-process the images and send the to the PACS

Two different types of LCD monitors can be provided:

  • 18" standard color LCD monitors providing optimal image quality
  • 18" high brightness color LCD monitors providing superb image quality.
  • Optionally a height adjustment for the monitors is available.


Height of the LCD monitors can be increased/decreased with 25 cm (10”). This stepless height adjustment can be done manually and will bring ergonomical operation, easy transportation and easy storage

  • Designed to accommodate paper/transparency printer, Medical DVD Recorder, ViewForum Surgical Workstation  and a fully integrated DICOM connectivity solution.
  • On top of the standard 500 images, the following memory extensions are available:

- 5,000 images on hard disk (8 frames/second).

- 10,000 images on hard disk (25 frames/second).


System controls

A variety of intuitive system controls provide the utmost flexibility in controlling procedures.


User  Interface on C-arm  Stand

  • Streamlined user interface for easy control during procedures. Includes pre-set Anatomically Programmed Fluoroscopy parameters (APF).

  • Workflow oriented flat panel shows functional separation of keys and can be easily cleaned.

  • Choice of language is incorporated  into the system (English/French/Spanish/Swedish/ German)


User  Interface on Mobile View Station

  • Vequion competent user interface consisting of on-screen display and alphanumeric keyboard with touchpad.

  • Touchscreen option for the left monitor. Easy access to the different menus, performing patient administation or post-processing on acquired images, with a tip of your finger . Touchscreen is compatible with the High Brightness and Standard color LCD monitors.

  • Multi-patient database provides fast access to clinical images and patient data.

  • Image handling can be controlled via remote control, C-arm stand, or Mobile Viewing Station.

  • Choice of language is incorporated  into the system. (English/French/Spanish/Swedish/ German)

  • DICOM functionality can be operated at the Mobile View Station.


Safer treatment environment

With every new system Philips Medical Systems look at how we can incorporate better shielding and improve our X-ray exposure to further reduce dose. A number of Philips unique features help drastically lower dose during procedures:

  • Unique beam filters reduce patient skin dose by40% over conventional filters.

  • Pulsed fluoro modes (1/2 dose and (1/4 dose modes) reduce dose up to 75%.

  • Independently movable lead shutters provide better radiation protection than semi-transparent shutters.

  • SmartMask saves dose and contrast medium by letting you re-use previously acquired subtracted and non-subtracted images as masks for roadmapping.

  • The system lets you adjust the collimator, shutters, and image orientation during Last Image Hold without applying radiation.

  • Automatic Shutter Positioning will position the shutters according to the region of interest, with one touch of a button.


Handheld  Remote Control

The remote control unit is a handheld infrared keypad used to control the main image handling functions. For sterile operation, it can be used in a transparent sterile plastic cover. The functions include:

  • Run loop

  • Overview run/exam

  • Retrieve previous image/run

  • Retrieve next image/run

  • Park image on reference monitor

  • Protect image/release image

  • SmartMask

  • Fluoroscopy mode selection

  • II-format selection

  • Subtraction on/off

  • Image grab


Customer support

Philips’ ongoing commitments to develop future- safe technology  means that your BV Pulsera system can be kept up-to-date throughout its lifecycle, embracing emerging applicational demands, and keeping up with advances in networking and PACS The Philips CUSTOMerCARE service programs offer a wide and flexible choice of equipment maintenance services, clinical education, financing, remote support, product upgrading and

beyondgive the power of choice to keep you BV Pulsera at peak performance.



Handy extras


Laser alignment tool

The Laser Alignment Tool is an optional positioning device integrated into the X-ray tank unit. It projects an image of a cross on the patient indicating the center of the X-ray beam, which allows the C-arm to be precisely positioned using the least possible radiation (e.g., for locking nail procedures).


Laser Aiming  Device

The Laser Aiming Device is an optional positioning device for use at the Image Intensifier side.


Medical DVD Recorder

Medical DVD Recorder for automatic recording clinical images on a DVD (up to 2 hours). Both static and dynamic images can be recorded. Review of images on BV family system or a standard PC.


Video  paper/transparency printer

 Thermal multi-media printer for printing images (multi-format) from live monitor onto paper or blue transparency.


Video  paper  printer

Thermal printer for printing images from live monitor on paper. Hard copies of clinical images can be made during or after examinations.


ViewForum Surgical Workstation

A workflow enhancer bringing extra efficiency to the OR procedures providing :

  • An intuitive multi-purpose platform for handling multi-modality images

  • A stand-alone or integrated solution

  • DICOM Query and Retrieve/USB storage The ViewForum Surgical Workstation  can be extended with the following options:


  • Procedure Reporting Package

  • DVD DICOM store


Fully integrated DICOM solution

All BV family systems can be equipped  with Philips Integrated DICOM solution which transfers images from the BV family onto the hospital network in a DICOM Secondary or a DICOM XA format. The Standard DICOM package supports the DICOM Print and DICOM Store.

The Advanced DICOM package supports Modality Worklist Management, Modality Performed Procedure Step and Storage Commit.


Color  LCD Monitors

High contrast images can be obtained via the standard or high brightness 18" color LCD monitors.



Speeding up workflow with touchscreen added to the (left) monitor. The Vequion competent graphical user interface allows easy patient administation (through different menus) or post processing of the acquired images, with the tip of your finger.

Touchscreen is compatible with the standard and high brightness color LCD monitors.


LCD height  adjustment

This height adjustment can be done manually. The adjustment is stopless, meaning that the monitors can be positioned at any desired height between the lowest and highest position (height adjustment of the LCD monitors is possible with 25 cm).




Making work easier


C-arm spring bow for sterilizable  covers

The spring bow holds the sterilizable covers of the C-arm in position while allowing free movement of the C-arm.


Sterilizable covers

To help maintain optimal  levels of hygiene and sterility in the surgical environment,  sterilizable drapes are provided for shielding the X-ray tank unit, image intensifier, and C-arm. Both sterile transparent covers and green fabric covers are available. The green covers are are made of lint-free fabric (35% Trevira, 65% cotton) and are resistant to boiling.


Cassette holder

The cassette holder is suitable for a standard cassette or a grid-cassette. The holder accommodates two cassette sizes: 24 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm. The cassette holder can be rotated a full 360° around the image intensifier field.



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